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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Awesome Aquaponics Events for Earth Week (1 of 3)

Various folks are rolling out the aquaponic carpet for Earth Week. I'm going to be holding tours every night, as are several dozen other aquaponics folks across the United States.

For tonight, I wanted to mention a workshop my friend, Sahib Punjabi, is putting on down in Florida. If you've seen the book, Sahib is the one who has created a garden paradise in a vacant alley behind a strip mall. He's got everything going on down there, from floating rafts to vertical towers to media beds, including wicking beds and xeriscape-like root-zone watering of plants and trees along the verge of the parking lot.

Tomorrow I'll talk about free tours being held by members of the Aquaponics Association, but for those of you ready to move forward to some serious gardening, Sahib's workshop near Orlando, FL, is a great opportunity.

Sahib is also working with the non-profit Feed Hunger Now to train folks on how to use aquaponics to alleviate hunger, using "dead space," areas that get sun and rain but that are currently empty.

Sahib's Florida vision is very close to that of Eric Maundu, of Kijani Grows. Hundreds of thousands of people have been introduced to Eric's vision of converting urban wastelands into productive gardens and farms, as shown in the video below:

A third place I know of that is working to serve the urban hungry is The Grow Haus in Denver, Colorado. Tonight I'll close leaving you with a short piece where Coby Gould talks about the neighborhood food hub concept behind The Grow Haus. Very Cool!

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