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Friday, July 6, 2012

Automatic Fish Feeders

I go on travel a lot. I have people who can feed my fish when I'm away, but sometimes they forget. Sometimes I forget, when it's busy.

I've had my eye out for some good way to feed my fish their pellets. Most automatic fish feeders I'd been seeing were either too large or too small. We never even got to the "too expensive" category.

Then I found a "Programmable Automatic Pond Fish Food Feeder With LCD display" on Amazon for less than $50. It looks like it should work, and it's free standing.

Purchased the commercial unit online and have been looking forward to playing with it. Then my buddy, Rob Torcellini, posted a youtube video about the automatic fish feeder he has created. So cool! I don't have a tack welder or a sand blaster, but the video gives me an idea how I could create an automatic fish feeder using the tools available to me.

Luckily for my fish, there's a commercial feeder en route. But for fun, I look forward to seeing if I can rig up a DIY something to work in case the feeder I've bought were to fail. Should be fun!

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