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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Aquaponics Videos at

The Planet Stewards website went live a few days ago. And the free teaser (32 minutes worth) is the video they shot of me and my daughter, Tara Phillips, at the September 2011 Aquaponics Association Conference.

I remember being very happy and very tired that night. But it's fun remembering that weekend. I explain a bit why I started designing my own system (because I couldn't bear to pay for shipping for the systems then available) and some plumbing improvements I either discovered or imported.

Other videos from the conference are available for $20 apiece, if I recall correctly. Considering the price of air fare, hotel, and conference registration, that's a good deal (not to mention the fact that time travel to a past event would be prohibitive).

Visit or click here to just watch the interview.

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