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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dinner with Murray

Talking with Murray Hallam about his Videos

Today I got an e-mail from Sylvia Bernstein with pictures of me and Murray at the conference.

Did I mention how excited I was to meet Murray? Squee!!

I love how Murray makes aquaponics seem like the most natural, fun, productive thing in the world. And he's a lot like my grandfather, a down-to-earth person. And Murray has this fabulous Australian accent. I love how he pronounces pH "p-Haitch," for example.

I loved getting to explain "my" aquaponics system and greenhouse to Murray, before he conducted the fund-raising auction.

Explaining 'my' bell siphon and system to Murray

What's Up Next???

Now that I've gotten some sleep back in me, I recall the next thing I really wanted to post about was how to finish off the greenhouse, since I wasn't able to do that to my satisfaction in the single hour I had at the conference. Luckily, I could really use a shed, so I can show off the basic technique without having to build an entire greenhouse.

After that, I'm planning to build a solar heater, a home-made version of the basic "Cansolair" unit, demonstrated in the video below:

Cansolair heating air to 150+ degrees on a 17 degree day

We'll get to 365 days a year of growing season yet...

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